Technology for Youth and Teacher

Technology for Youth and Teacher

Package includes: 12 days of room and food, distributed as follows: 5 days computer science and tech Classes, 3 days of cultural immersion, and 2 free days.

DURATION: 2 weeks
COST: $2,000
DATES: July 24 – August 5, 2017
January 8 – 20, 2018

Depending on age, course duration, and weather, participants may visit the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Arches National Park, Las Vegas, and Zion National Park. Additionally, Saint George and surrounding areas count with a wide selection of restaurants, local museums, sport fields, lakes and rivers, and multiple natural venues where to practice outdoor sports.


Objective: to offer a wide range of touches in technology and coding, including web development and physical computing.

Minimum English level: Intermediate-High in the ACTFL scale. The level will be assessed before arrival.

Students will

1.    Learn web development including HTML, CSS and an intro to JavaScript

2.    Explore other coding languages and environments (Python, Arduino, Processing, Raspberry Pi, Sonic Pi)

3.    Physical computing and engineering experiences (Arduino, soldering, electrical circuits, e-textiles)

4.    Build and program creative projects using Arduino

5.    Learn to apply design thinking in relationship to technology and innovation


Participants’ Outcomes

By the end of the second week, students should be able to

1.    Know how to use and have experience in Web Development skills in HTML

2.    Know how to use and have experience in Web Development skills in CSS

3.    Know how to use and have experience in Web Development skills in JavaScript

4.    Beginning to intermediate level understanding of how to build websites and create basic user experiences.

5.    Experience with physical computing including microcontrollers and e-textiles.

6.    Understanding of basic circuits and soldering.

7.  Work creatively to innovate and solve problems using technology.